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Return Process

The products listed in Qtree IC have indicated the product model and brand packaging. Please carefully check the product model, supplier and other relevant information before placing an order. Please contact the sales engineer. If the model and quantity are wrong for your own reasons, jihaoxincheng will not accept the return request. After the user successfully places an order, jihaoxincheng will purchase directly from the product model and quantity specified by the user according to the order requirements

After sales service acceptance conditions

1. Customers who need to return goods due to the wrong actual received quantity, inconsistent model and questionable product quality can submit a return application within 1 week after receiving the goods, which will not be accepted.

2. For returned products, please keep the complete original packaging (including outsourcing and internal filler) and ensure that the goods label is intact. The goods label is the evidence for Jixin city to coordinate the return with the supplier. If it is lost, it will not be accepted

3. In case of applying for return due to product quality problems, the customer shall provide a detailed performance report in English as the basis for the negotiation between jihaoxincheng and the buyer. If necessary, the English test report of the third party approved by both parties shall also be provided

4. The invoiced order will be returned after the goods application is approved

After sales service rejection conditions

1. The original packaging and labels of the products are damaged or missing. 2. Products used / tried on the machine

3. The receiving time is more than two weeks (subject to the signing date of express delivery). 4. The invoice has been issued and is lost

5. Wrong subscription caused by the user

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